What makes a beautiful and a happy bride?  For this once in a lifetime event, we all want a beautiful and memorable wedding, if not a perfect one.

We give emphasis on the little details, be it our long-laced gown, the motif, our hair do, make up and many more. Just like the wedding that needs proper planning for a smooth execution during the actual day, to be skin beautiful on your wedding and after, entails a thorough planning and visit to your dermatologist.

What could really concern an upcoming bride? I list down common issues a “bride to be” is concerned about.

  1. Wrinkles – No amount of make up can conceal eye wrinkles, especially when we do a lot of smiling the entire day. A quick fix to wrinkles is Botox treatment. It is done by injecting the medication on the lines to relax the muscles that causes the wrinkles. It is best to do this 2-3 weeks prior to the big day. If you have ample of time, topical creams for anti wrinkles should be started 6 months prior to the event, as this may take time to show visible results.
  2. Acne marks– those that are atrophic or pitted marks are hard to conceal, especially during close up photos. Severe scars on the face may take series of sessions. Make plans early on like 6 months prior. Fractional resurfacing, microneedling therapy, TCA CROSS technique, chemical peeling are some of the suggested treatment options one can have.
  3. Chubby and round face – would you wish to have a slimmer face on your photos? Why not? A well rounded face like those with chubby cheeks can benefit from radiofrequency treatments that tighten skin and metabolizes fats on the area. This can be done once a week for a couple of session. This can be done 1 month ahead.

For those with prominent jaw line due to a hypertrophied muscle, a Botox injection on the masseter muscle, can produce a V- shape jaw line.  The treatment may last for 4-6 months or longer. The treatment should be done 2-3 weeks before the wedding.

4.Back issues – our back tells another story, commonly “soon to be bride” complains of back acne marks, dark spots and uneven color.  The number of sessions would depend on the severity of skin problems. Since we can do chemical peeling every 3-4 weeks for stronger peels, it is best to do the treatment 3-6 months in advance as our back takes time to peel and improve.

5.Intimate areas – our underarm and bikini issues are our biggest insecurities. Don’t fret out. Most would want to reduce hairs permanently or whiten these areas.  Machines to reduce hair includes diode lasers, alexandrite lasers and  intense pulse light machine. An average of 6-8 sessions are require to reduce hair growth and the treatment is done every month.

Once you have find the solutions to all your skin concerns, all you have to do is enjoy the day and leave all your worries behind. Surely, you are the most beautiful on that day.

Sharing to you wedding photos of one of Skinway’s avid fun, Ms. Lavenia Agustin, (accountant/fashion stylist/travel enthusiast). Would you believe that her wedding got featured at Wedding Essentials Magazine? Who knows you will be the next.

To all the bride, may you have all the beauty and confidence a bride can exudes. Congratulations and Cheers !