How I Practice Self – Love

L O V E L Y N   H . D A E T , M D , F P D S

Human has the instinct to adapt, to adjust but sometimes our sympathetic or the fight and flight response of our body can be overwhelmed, too. We live in a world where there are so much to do, even with the forced lock down, our mind can’t seem to relax. The world is chaotic every minute, every single day. We hope and wish that things will get better each passing day and we will wake up with this nightmare triumphant at the end. Practicing self-love and self-care are fundamental aspects of life. This helps boost our calmness within ourselves. Self-love does not have to be ambitious. It can be simple things that ignite your passion, inner peace and self-esteem.

Nature is the best medicine for serenity. For me, I prefer being outdoor in nature than staying in a fancy hotel. The calmness of the ocean, the beauty of sunset, the intricacies of trees and its branches, are all beautiful to look at. I prefer being active physically. I run outdoor at least once a week. I attend yoga classes or do yoga at home. Yoga helps  me with my flexibility, balance and    strength. Whenever there is an opportunity, I also swim. Choosing to be physically active, lowers my stress level. It releases the negative energies through exercise and stimulates the release of good hormones to maintain balance in our body.

 Minimalism is also something I want to practice whether in fashion, at home or at work. It is letting go of things that are not necessary. Whatever aspect in life, one can benefit by putting things in the right order and perspective. I prefer fashion that are classic than those on trends. Quality for me is important than quantity. It is choosing clothes that I can wear repeatedly for years, than buying trendy outfits for a particular season.

Doing what I am good at, focusing on my abilities, nurturing it and sharing whatever I have are what drives me everyday. It is giving my best at whatever I am into, yet acknowledging that I also have limitations. Giving is also self-love. The happiness derived from making someone happy is contagious.

Spending the day reading an inspirational book, cooking a delicious meal, or writing on my journal are my life’s mini breaks.

Above all things, self-love and faith are interrelated. We can’t love ourselves by holding too much and not letting go of things we are not in control. It is about putting our trust to a higher power, our still point and who always reminds us to be “STILL” because He is God.