Electrocautery (warts and syringoma removal)  

Warts come in many forms: verruca plana (flat warts), verruca vulgaris (common warts) and condyloma acuminata / genital warts.  All are caused by human papilloma virus, a contagious and self-proliferating disease.  These can be seen on face, neck, body or even our sensitive private parts.

Syringoma,  on the other hand is a benign skin tumor or small bumps that arises from eccrine glands. It is commonly located around the eyes.

The treatment involves electrocauterization to permanently remove the lesion.  A topical anesthesia is applied on the skin for 45 minutes to make the procedure tolerable or painless.  A cautery tip is used to cauterize each lesion.  The procedure would take 30 minutes to an hour depending on the number of lesions.  After the procedure, minimal redness can be observed and a tiny scab is formed that is temporary and will slough off on its own in 1 to 2 weeks.

After which, you will have a cleaner and more confident skin!


Varicose veins are oftentimes inevitable due to prolong standing, long distance of walking or long hours of sedentary position. The vein’s walls and valve losses its strength and integrity that makes our veins appear tortuous and one experiences throbbing pain.

With sclerotherapy, a sclerosing agent is injected into the veins to totally destroy the vein. Minimal bruising can be seen after the procedure which will disappear in 2 to 4 weeks.  A graduated compressive stocking will be worn for 2 weeks to minimize pigmentation and improve results. One can have beautiful legs once more!

  • Consultation (diseases of skin, hair and nails)
  • Steroid injection for acne, keloid and alopecia
  • Milia extraction
  • Skin tag excision
  • Mole removal (by excision)

Mole is excised using elliptical excision or punch excision method. The sample is taken for histopathologic analysis.

Actual patient performed in the Clinic