Facial Treatment

Is facial for everyone? Different persons have different skin types, different skin needs and varied skin conditions. That is why our facial is customized to every patient needs. Do you know that you can be assessed by our dermatologist for free before going into facials?
How does getting a facial treatment helps?

Facial treatment involves different steps including cleansing; steam to bring moisture and for declogging of pores; vacuum to remove dead skin cells; extraction or pricking to remove blackheads, whiteheads and sebum; massage to improve blood circulation; application of cosmeceuticals like masks, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid gel or clindamycin solution depending on every patient’s needs; high frequency to maximize absorption of medications and to further stimulate blood circulation; and galvanic treatment to minimize and improve wrinkles and make your skin tighter.
That is the over- all step. But that can be customized depending on the clients’ skin types like:

Acne peel Facial

Acne prone patients may benefit from Acne peel facial. This treatment targets the sebaceous gland that produces the oil and that which causes blackheads and whiteheads. These eventually form into swollen pimples. The treatment has minimal downtime and mild exfoliation is noted. Furthermore, it also lightens pimple marks and improves skin texture. You will notice improvement of your skin in 1-2 weeks!

Gold Facial

As one ages, our skin’s capacity to produce collagen diminishes. Sagging skin, appearance of wrinkles, dryness, age spots and a lot more slowly begins to appear. Our Gold Facial is a best seller to try. It utilizes the 24k powdery GOLD mask that has all the benefits. It is packed with skin vitamins, hyaluronic acid for moisturization, collagen for skin elasticity and whitening components for a brighter glowing skin.

Medical Facial

Last but not the least, patients can choose from different facial masks when availing the Pampering Medical Facial. Masks available includes Vitamin C mask for sensitive skin, Rose Petal Collagen mask for anti aging, and Charcoal mask for oily, acne and blemish prone skin.
And take note, if you are afraid to try facial treatment because of the fear of getting pricked, don’t be scared as our board-certified and internationally-trained dermatologist does the extraction and pricking, without additional fee. So you are on safe hands. Wow, that sounds goods to be true. Yes, it’s a bonus at SKINWAY! And you get real value for money.
And if you are afraid that your skin will be touched with instruments, please take note that all instruments used in the clinic are 100% STERILE, as it undergoes two method of sterilization: UV sterilization and chemical sterilization.
You deserve a FACIAL that is high class, luxurious and that is affordable.
Get a facial from a certified dermatologist here at SKINWAY!

Diamond Peel

Microdermabrasion, the other term for diamond peel is a non-invasive procedure that involves the use of a pen with rough surface being glide on your skin to slough off superficial layer of skin. It improves skin texture and color, uneven skin surface, minimize pores and bring a youthful glow with minimal downtime.

Skinway’s signature diamond peel is coupled with a facial treatment to make sure that the face is completely pampered. What makes our diamond peel special is that we infuse a hydrating gel that cools down the skin, hydrates the skin, and makes the skin softer and smoother.
Diamond peel from skinway? Yes, only with a dermatologist’s hands at SKINWAY!

Acne Peel Facial

The treatment involves thorough cleansing process: vacuum, extraction of comedones and dead skin; massage, application of facial mask and a high frequency light; and finally a chemical peeling agent is applied. The solution being used is a combination of mild exfoliating ingredients that is applied on a series of coats/passes depending on skin’s tolerance. A slight discomfort like stinging sensation, itch, and minimal redness can be observed which is temporary.
You will notice improvement of your skin in 1-2 weeks!

 Acne Light Facial

Intense pulse light is a proven method to dry up acne fast as its light emitted has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. It is coupled with thorough facial treatment where comedones and inflammatory acne are extracted manually.

 Acne Surgery

This treatment refers to extraction of comedones, cystic acne, pustules and the application of topical antibiotic for acne clearance and prevention. Unlimited steroid injection is also done for cystic acne for faster healing and resolution.

Photodynamic Light Therapy

Acne photodynamic light therapy offers the following benefits:

  • kills acne-causing bacteria on the skin
  • affects only targeted cells, helping to maintain skin integrity
  • reduces the size and activity of sebaceous glands
  • Reduces the inflammation, swelling or redness brought by acne or any facial treatment

This treatment (PDT) can be incorporated after facial or laser treatment as a final treatment to promote healing.