Mesotherapy for Hair

Losing hair can be one’s nightmare. It can be a sign of aging, sign of stress, or simply we just don’t know the reason.  For some it runs in the family, that’s being androgenetic alopecia;   or hormonal fluctuations brought about by aging like menopause.  Our dermatologist will evaluate the reason behind your losing of hair. And will suggest treatment options and further work up if necessary.

Mesotherapy for hair loss is ideal to those suffering from androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata.  Stem cells are unprogrammed cells and that they can transform into other type of cells to perform a range of functions such as healing and new cell growth or new hair growth. Stem cell treatment for hair loss, is administered via a microneedling technique.  Topical anesthesia is applied for 45 minutes, and a derma pen is used to deliver the stem cells into the scalp.  Repeat treatment session after 3-4 weeks can be done.