Radiofrequency is used for slimming and contouring the arms, thigh, abdomen, bra line, buttocks and flanks. Radiofrequency utilizes heat energy that burns fats on the treated area. Fats are then eliminated on the lymphatic system, or via stool or urine formation if the area being treated is the abdomen.  The treatment takes around 30 to 45 minutes to complete.  A before and after measurement is conducted to monitor the response to treatment.  The effect can be seen few minutes after the treatment and will still improve in few days’ time, as the fats is further eliminated in the urine or feces.


Mesolipo ( Mesotherapy)

Mesotherapy for fat elimination involves injecting cocktails of medication to effectively dissolve fats. Areas that can be treated include the arms, abdomen and the thigh.  It uses 5ml of phosphatidylcholine and 5 ml of L- carnitine to make a total of 10ml.  Both are fat dissolving ingredients.

The procedure involves application of ice cubes to numb the injection site.  A series of small needles are injected directly through the skin.  Approximately 10-20 injections depending on how big the area to be treated (0.5 cc per injection, 1 cm apart).

Heaviness can be felt on injection site which will disappear in few minutes. Minimal bruising and feeling of bloatedness can be felt if injected on the abdomen. You will notice decrease in size in 2 to 4 weeks. Repeat treatment can be done after 2 weeks.


Botox for V-Shaped Jaw/Masseter Hypertrophy, TMJ Pain

Botox treatment is a nonsurgical procedure use to relax facial muscles. The masseter muscle is hypertrophied or enlarged giving rise to a well-chiselled jaw. Some also experiences the Temporo mandibular joint pain or commonly known as TMJ Pain characterized as grinding of the teeth, headache, lock jaw and radiating pain to the neck and even shoulder. When Botox is injected to the masseter muscle, it relaxes it, giving rise to a V-shaped face and also relieves the TMJ pain. This is a life changing treatment especially to those who had been in pain for months and years and to those who have tried several dental therapy including braces and splints but offered minimal comfort.

The procedure involves tiny injections to the skin using a small gauge needle. To those who are afraid of injections, a topical numbing cream is applied 30 minutes prior and an ice pack is applied during the procedure for added comfort. Don’t worry, as our dermatologist had trained here and abroad and is well-experienced with Botox injection. The number of units used will be discussed prior to treatment and can be adjusted individually so one can have a natural look.

The effect can be seen as early as 7-14 days.  It may last up to 6-9 months. Having a slimmer and sexier face in an instant is possible and real!