Most of us would like to have instant solutions to our problems.  That also holds true to our skin concerns, be it our pimples, skin discoloration, wrinkles, cellulites and many more.  We bought every product that we see in commercials hoping to find the answers to our concerns.

But wait a minute, have you try to consult a dermatologist before trying on something?  One habit that one must have is DUE DILIGENCE, which means that it is better to be safe than to be sorry. I have heard of so many horror stories from my patients who tried certain topical creams, instead of becoming better, their skin condition worsens. More so, it became irreversible.

There is no such thing as magic and instant results.  Every skin condition must be assessed personally so expectations on the outcome of the treatment can be discussed.  Let us say “acne vulgaris”, or pimples. Moderate to severe acne needs to be addressed with oral antibiotics so a dermatologist’s prescription is require  for this.  There is a minimum number of weeks to take this, coupled with topical medications for acne. Second habit is PATIENCE, be patient when your dermatologist tells you that the improvement is gradual. That you need to have series of sessions before noticeable favourable outcome is seen.  Please do comply.

Third habit is PERSEVERE. Invest on caring for your skin. Whether applying our sunscreen regularly and repeatedly. Moisturize skin daily. All our efforts in caring for our skin will pay off once we reach the age of 30 or 40. We will reap all these once aging sets in.  I have a patient who at the age of 50 looks 20 years younger.  I asked her secret.  She just smiled back. But she was regularly complying with her clinic treatments. Maybe that spell the difference.

Whether we are gifted with good genes which explains our fair and smooth skin; or we are suffering from recurrent acne during our teenage years and we looked at our dad’s face with scars all over; ours is the key to a solution,  to end our wishing and make it into reality.  Seek professional help. Seek help from an expert in this field. Go to a PDS (Philippine Dermatological Society)  dermatologist.