The Big B

Yup, you read that right – the big B. I used to be so scared of Botox. I thought it was a drastic cosmetic procedure that I’d be forever scared of. Just imagining needles inserted on my face sends shivers down my scoliotic spine. However, it was suggested to me by my dentist after the years of grinding and deep bite/jaw clenching that has plagued me continuously. I am all praises for the restoration job that GAOC Dental has done on my teeth! However, those mannerisms are something I can not stop nor control and they always damage my newly-restored teeth (that’s why you see me always at GAOC because my upper teeth have cracked from my grinding). My lower teeth are also so pudpod from my years of grinding. It’s either I go for braces and a night guard or do Botox. I’ve done the former before and they’re something I don’t want to experience at this stage in my life so with a leap of faith, I decided to go for Botox.
I didn’t stop researching. My dentist told me that Botox for the Masseter muscle will solve all my worries. Botox, for those who aren’t familiar, is a brand. The protein is called Botulinum toxin which  when injected into a muscle, blocks nerve signals that tell your muscles to contract. The effect is that it temporarily weakens or paralyzes the facial muscles and smooths or eliminates wrinkles in the face for a few months. This is the more common use for Botox – wrinkles! However, since I have not much wrinkles yet and I’m not really bothered by them at this point, that’s not my concern.
So what exactly will happen? Well, by injecting Botox on my masseter jaw, it temporarily stops me from grinding and biting excessively. I will still be able to chew as I normally would, it would only affect the involuntary muscle action that ensues on a daily basis. I swear, guys, those mannerisms are really the worst – so bad that I even searched for hypnosis sessions so I could stop them. Had I known Botox was the solution, I might have dove in and tried it way back!
Follow my photodiary at my Derma Dra. Daet’s clinic below!

This is me a few minutes after I came in – with anesthesia on my face. It was on my face for 45 minutes since it was my first time. Dra. Daet tells me this is just a “lunch break treatment” for a lot of women. They come in for injection during lunch with no anesthesia, just ice, and leave to go back to work!

While here I am acting cool but freaking out inside because I’m anxious of how it will feel, will my face be paralyzed, so many things.

Telling myself I can do this. Psyching myself to suck it up because it’s either this or a year of braces. No no no to braces. Hahaha!

Here we go. Dra Daet draws on my face to make sure she doesn’t go past the point where you can’t inject Botox into. One of the key takeaways from this experience is find a board-certified dermatologist you trust for this. This is not something a therapist can just do. No no no!

This is ittttt!! Dra. Daet shows me how many units she’ll be injecting in each of my masseters. Since my right masseter is larger, she’ll inject a few more in my right than in my left.

Last numbing technique so I won’t feel the injection – ICE!

Okay, I wasn’t able to take photos of the injections mismo ‘cos I was concentrating on my breathing while Dra. Daet inject. Ha ha!

Look at how beautiful and youthful Dra. Daet is. Gosh, you’d think she was mid-20s lang! I trust her because she answered all my questions patiently and she really took the time to explain to me the procedure. She also made sure to check my masseters first to see if I qualify for the treatment. She really takes the time to get to know her patients so she’s not just in it to sell her treatments.  I had to set an appointment because she was always booked with her existing clients!